Hello All, for the thousandth time I apologize for the lack of updates. However this time I actually have good reason. The company I currently work for now PlayStudios - www.PlayStudios.com is launching our game soon. I believe July 17th is the release date to be exact. More info to follow (for real this time).

In other news I have again been nominated for the Red Gate Exceptional DBA award. I know people can sign up and nominate themselves and if I had done that I would not announce it. Since I was nominated by someone else (Thanks Bruce) I will give myself a virtual pat on the back. I hope to win it this year, being a finalist all the time but not closing the deal sucks.

I am taking the MENSA test soon as well: July 20th to be exact. Wish me luck. After the 17th it will be back to regular updates with all things DB and some new adventures on the path to game release.

Thanks for the continued patience.